Chris Hyndman is an artist born in London, Ontario. Since 2010, he has been based in Chicago. Chris’ work has been featured in New American Paintings, Manifest’s International Painting Annual, the 2018 Evanston + Vicinity Biennial, and solo exhibitions at Bluffton University, the Institute for the Humanities at the University of Michigan, and the Susanne Hilberry Gallery in Detroit.

“My latest paintings are based on images of curtains. Their surfaces are perceptibly textured and readily divulge their construction from thousands of transparent painted circles. The format and size of the paintings are such that one can face them to look, or treat them as stage-like backdrops against which to pose or perform. I find myself in both positions while I work. In the former case, the paintings prioritize visual, spatial, and surface gymnastics common to many types of painting. In the latter, they acknowledge the open and contingent volumes in front of their surfaces and suggest that the best way to experience them might be to turn away and imagine (or realize by way of a selfie) how one looks. I like to think of the paintings as “fields” and enjoy the idea that stand-up comics might perform in front of them. Some of the recent paintings include plaid figures “auditioning” in the pictured space.

In terms of fit with my other work, the paintings continue my interest in color and texture, structured surfaces, and the function of pattern and digital tools in the shaping, performing, and imaging of contemporary identities.”


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